About us


In a world where ignorance is frowned upon and could inadvertently lead to lifetime regrets emanating from uninformed decisions, Willana Loans started out as a provider keen on upsetting the status quo. From inception, Willana Loans has been steadfast and have vigorously campaigned on enlightening customers on the need to make sound decisions as concerns loans. We fully understand the UK financial system and are therefore better placed to give you the right guidance as regards to bad credit loans.
For a long time, having a poor credit rating was a deal breaker whenever a person sought to be approved for a loan. The unveiling of our affordable bad credit loans to the UK market was indeed a game changer as thousands of UK customers suffering from perennial rejections over the years were finally able to get approved for a loan facility, their credit rating notwithstanding. Our foremost objective as Willana Loans is to not only help customers avail affordable bad credit loans but also help them understand the impact prudent management of the same will have on their credit rating in the foreseeable future.
Our customer personnel boast of the best training, a deep understanding of the UK loan industry, and adheres to best business ethical practices and therefore are better placed to discharge their duties in a thoroughly professional manner.